Checking Your Horses Health

Do you check your horse's general condition on a regular basis? Do you know what to look for to make sure your horse's health is where it should be? 

This is something you should make a habit of doing on a daily basis. And once you know what you are doing it should not take you very long. This will prevent something minor turning into something major. If you want to know more about arthritis in horses then you can visit

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To begin with, every day if you head outside to come to your horse, if at your house or should you board your horse at a farm, then consider what your general perception of your own. Can she seem good, does she have a healthy look? What are your initial thoughts? Below are significant regions to observe.

Mobility – Can your horse proceed with relaxation, off or on the halter and lead. Is her coordination great, is she unwilling to proceed, stiff or appear to be in pain when she walks.

Posture – If you take a look over your horse in a stand still, is she standing squarely on all four legs or balancing on three legs together with the fourth hind leg at a simple resting posture? Alternating the resting hind leg is a indication of a solid horse; they shouldn't necessarily break the exact hind leg.

Reaction to Your Go – Since your horse gets to know you, she'll definitely react to your existence, possibly using a whinny or additional time of response.

Hydration – If you're knowledgeable about your skin pinch test, this will reveal to you when you horse is still hydrated.