Ways For Storing Cable Reels

Courtesy: stemmann

A cable reel is a drum like, round object which is used to transport different kinds of ropes, cables and wires. They have been used for years to carry different types of cables from one place to the other, such as optic fiber cables, electric cables and types of wire. Cable reels are large structures and can cause accidents. Thus, the storage, handling and installation of cable reels is very crucial and should be undertaken keeping in mind the guidelines supplied by the manufacturer and safety precautions should also be observed in case of an accident where both you and the cables are damaged:

  • Reels must always be stored straight, in an upright position and they must never be positioned on their sides.
  • Reels should always be put into storage in solid structures with flat and even surfaces and the movement of the reel while in storage should be prevented so use necessary devices to do that.
  • Reels should be stored in a place which cannot be flooded by water or could in any way damage the cable, so avoid rock and rough areas as well.
  • When putting reels in storage, do not drag or push them even for a little while, since the cable can become damaged. For moving them, lift them, instead of pushing the reels.

In the handling and storing procedure, sometimes the cable can also get damaged, so you should invest in a cable spool stand while you are it.