Why Choose a Private Island Honeymoon?


Spending time at private islands can be a lot fun for couples. Private islands provide you a sense of space, while you admire the natural beauty of the nearby surroundings. Those who are looking to spend some quality time with each other can look these activities couples can engage in on a private island.

  1. Go Cycling – Cycling is a great activity for couples. It keeps you fit, but also gives you the freedom to roam and explore nature’s beauty on the island. While wandering around, go spota few birds or animals, and don’t forget to get a picnic basket.
  2. Enjoy Outdoor Jacuzzi – Few villas offer an outdoor positioned hot tub that provides a outdoor view. It’s a great way for couples to relax, sip on a few drinks, and admire the blue ocean.
  3. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset – Couples should see the impressive views of the early sunrise and evening sunset. It’s a great way to appreciate natural beauty.
  4. Experience Fine Dining – Most private islands have restaurants that provide you with good quality food. They are a good place to enjoy a romantic date peacefully.
  5. Take a Jetski Ride – This activity brings thrill and excitement. Take a ride at with one of these machines with your loved one, and also get up close to marine life like dolphins, turtles and more.

Private islands like Bedarra Island can be one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations for couples. Enjoy your time and let your love for one another become stronger.